About Diana Saillant, CEO

dianaDiana is an expert in the field of language and cross-cultural training.

Since founding Saillant Language Consulting in 2009, Diana has been assisting organizations bridge the cultural gap between the Hispanic and the Charleston community. Helping increase awareness, understanding, and communication is her goal and passion.

Diana is a CCHI Certified Healthcare Interpreter™ and holds a Bachelor of Management Arts degree and a Master of Business Administration from Charleston Southern University.

Our Mission

We seek to appreciate and promote the advantages of cultural similarities and differences by:
  • Sponsoring programs that create greater cross-cultural awareness and understanding in the community and the business sector;
  • Assisting organizations in the interpretation and translation of needed documents taking into account the cultural legacy and needs of the focused market;
  • Providing opportunities to learn language skills that enhance business communication and live in general.


Why Work With Us?

  • The Hispanic population grew by over 154% in Charleston County, 175% in Berkeley County, and over 253% in Dorchester County during the last decade. Growth is expected to continue at far above the national average according to the US Census Report.
  • Saillant Language Consulting employs the services of certified professionals  with years of cultural experience in Latin America and the U.S.
  • We understand the needs of the community and we have proven educational tools that effectively and efficiently address cross-cultural needs. Our services are custom developed for each organization according to their requirements, budget and time frames.