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Language Precision

Accuracy and precision are important skills in any interpreting scenario. Through our courses, students learn which words to use, which skills to employ, and what positioning to take when interpreting.

Cultural Competence

Once enrolled, students receive extensive instruction in the myriad cultural aspects of the Hispanic community, allowing them to successfully communicate within and across cultures.

Career Preparedness

Our engaging online courses prepare students to take the board certification exam and gives them the fullest opportunity to learn in real-world settings.

Courses We Offer


Healthcare Interpreter Certification Training | April – June 2024

What Our Clients Say About Us!

Ms. Saillant has provided Spanish language and cultural training for employees at Select Health of South Carolina over the past several years. She has been extremely professional and very flexible in accommodating the needs of our employees as they relate to scheduling classes to allow for ongoing business requirements. This flexibility ensured that everyone was able to maximize their Spanish language training. In addition to language training, Ms. Saillant, at our request, ensured that employees received extensive instruction regarding the cultural aspects of the Hispanic community. This training enabled our employees to better interact with their business contacts. I would highly recommend Ms. Saillant’s services. She is extremely professional, punctual, organized and established very good relationships with everyone who attended her classes. Feedback from employees has been very positive.
Michelle Powell

Regional Human Resources Director

Select Health of South Carolina

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