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    “You don’t need an expert to tell you that if your customer speaks Spanish, you should communicate in Spanish.”
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    The Shift: Hispanics in America
    America finds itself at a new crossroad. Find out how our culture, country and companies are changing.
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    Astounding Information on How U.S. Hispanic Spending Influences the Nation’s Economy…
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  • Hispanic Culture

    Latinos: A Reflection of the World’s Diversity
    Here is a glimpse of a community of limitless diversity and proof that identity is far from skin deep.
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    MTV Latin America (in Spanish)
    If you enjoy MTV, you will love this site.  It includes interviews, top songs and movies, special events, surveys and more.
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    Interested in Hispanic news? (in Spanish)
    Connect to CNN en Español and check out the latest news in Spanish.
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    How much do you really know about the Latin American culture?
    Find out here!  The Latin American Network Information Center is your virtual library to Latin American studies.
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    Love the Latin Beat?
    Latin music encompasses the rhythm and soul of all of Latin America. Enjoy streaming your favorite Latin music on Live365.
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